The Importance of Teambuilding, In and Out of the Office

The Importance of Teambuilding, In and Out of the Office


Your co-workers or employees are more than just people who sit in the same office as you. They’re a support system and a team. Without teamwork, the workplace wouldn’t run efficiently. Whether you’re the manager in charge, the big boss or part of the team, understanding why collaboration and communication are absolutely essential when you work in a group can make or break your office’s moral.

How can you team build in your workplace? Take a look at the basics of building a team and a few creative ways to do it.



What’s so important about teambuilding anyhow? Doesn’t it seem like if everyone does their job, then the business should run smoothly? After all, you’re going to work every day, not to a social club.

Even though being good at what you do, having the right experience/education and getting enough training are all important when it comes to your job, these aren’t the only pieces to the workplace puzzle. Flying solo and taking on all of the work on your own doesn’t always yield the best results. When there’s a team in place, everyone benefits.

Not only can everyone benefit from the help of their co-workers, but coming together as a team can facilitate communication and improve overall motivation. Whether you’re bouncing ideas off each other during a group brainstorming session, problem-solving as one unit or being each other’s cheerleader, the team can make the workplace flow.



You can help build your team in many different ways. From activities in the office (such as during meetings) to group field trips, you can create a bonding experience almost anywhere. Even though trying teambuilding exercises in the office is easy — and typically low or no-cost — sometimes getting out of your day-to-day workspace is what everyone needs.

While an evening out to dinner or a Friday night happy hour may seem like simple solutions, they don’t necessarily reinforce team work. Chances are that each co-worker will only talk to the people directly next to them while seated at a dinner event. And a loud, crowded bar during happy hour means that very little team bonding is probably happening.

Instead of these types of out-of-the-office activities, try something that’s specifically designed to build teams, such as an escape room. An escape room requires a group to work together to tackle a task. In addition, everyone gets the chance to shine, showcasing their own talents or knowledge while solving the puzzles and problems involved.

Along with working together, an escape room is a journey for the group to take. When they reach the end, they’ll have an experience that bonds them together.



Along with the out-of-the-office activities, trying a few teambuilding ideas while you’re at work can only help the group. If the group got majorly into solving puzzles in the scape room, take this back to the office and try a weekly work game. Even though this won’t be on the scale of an escape room, it’s a way to keep the fun going and help everyone continue to work together.

Keep in mind, cubicles don’t exactly help team bonding along. While you can’t rearrange the workspace, you might be able to add to it. If your office, business or other work area isn’t exactly conducive to working together, create a conference corner (in a break room or some other out-of-the-way space) with chairs or couches that are near each other. Even something as simple as a circle of folding chairs provides the opportunity to communicate in a face-to-face way.

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