Field Trip Ideas that Keep Your Students Learning

Field Trip Ideas that Keep Your Students Learning


Field trips are an excellent way to help students expand their thinking, absorb new knowledge and simply learn more about the world around them. As an educator, it can be difficult at times to come up with ideas for field trips that will be just as instructive as they will be fun and stimulating, but don’t despair–below are four excellent field trip ideas that will keep your students’ minds clicking right along while providing them with a healthy dose of fun in the process.

  1. Visit Local Artisans

Local artisans such as blacksmiths, glass blowers, woodworkers, potters, etc., often welcome the opportunity to open up their studios to young people for a time of demonstration and learning. Something awesome happens when a student sees a bona fide artisan taking a product from start to finish–it can provide them with an entirely new perspective on creativity and craftsmanship.

  1. Tour Findlay Market

If you want to give your students an outstanding lesson in the importance of a vibrant local economy, take them to Findlay Market. This iconic landmark, which has operated continuously in the same building since 1855, is a bustling marketplace in which shoppers can purchase locally grown foods as well as unique locally created products.

A field trip to Findlay Market will give your students the opportunity to observe and participate in a thriving marketplace that adds substantial value to the local economy and community.

  1. Have an Escape Room Experience

For an invigorating change of pace that won’t feel like a field trip at all but will still keep your students using their brains, take them to an escape room experience. This fun and highly interactive game is part scavenger hunt and part detective mystery, with an adventure video game vibe thrown in for good measure.

It works like this: Your group is locked in a themed room and given only 60 minutes to escape, and you have to closely examine every available element of your surroundings (e.g., pictures on the wall, lamps, vases, notepads, etc.) in order to discover clues that will help you find the key to get out.

This challenge will have your students exercising their critical thinking and problem solving skills in rapid fire succession, and you definitely won’t have any problems with boredom! Cincinnati escape room Houdini’s Room Escape is an excellent example of one of these exciting venues; holding a field trip there will be an unforgettable experience for your students!

  1. Attend Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

The performing arts are always an enriching experience, and the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company is one of the best choices in the city for providing young people with an opportunity to enjoy live theater. Founded in 1993, the Company specializes in bringing Shakespeare’s classic plays to life, and they offer an excellent series of highly popular Educational Matinees that can make for a perfect field trip for students studying The Bard.