The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together: Ideas for Winter Break Fun

December 22, 2015 Blog 0 Comments

Christmas is drawing near, and you know what that means: The kids are home all day during winter break, and the entire family is battling bouts of cabin fever in between rounds of hot chocolate and Christmas television specials. If you’re not quite sure what to do to mix it up during this 10-day (or more!) extravaganza, check out these excellent ideas to help you have some family fun over winter break.

1. Have a family bowling night.

A bowling night is a great way to get the family out of the house and engage in a fun activity when the weather outside is frightful. In addition to the regular bowling experience, many venues are now stepping it up a notch by including fun themed twists such as “glow-in-the-dark bowling” or “disco bowling.” It’s relatively inexpensive, and many times bowling alleys will offer special family discounts during the holiday season.

2. Hit the indoor miniature golf course.

Another great way to have fun and stay warm is indoor mini golf – a classic family pastime, and like bowling, there are several venues now that offer cool twists on the classic format (e.g., glow-in-the-dark mini golf). It’s a low-cost activity, and nobody has to be an expert on the green to have tons of fun.

  1. Try an escape room experience.

Team up with your family members for a fun and thrilling adventure by way of an escape room experience. For the uninitiated, an escape room is a themed adventure experience where you and your family will be challenged to escape a locked room in only 60 minutes. You do this by solving riddles and discovering key objects in the room that provide valuable clues to guide you towards freedom.

Houdini’s Room Escape is the premier “escape the room” Cincinnati venue, offering three different themed escape rooms that feature mind-bending riddles to test your family’s wits. This unique challenge will immerse you and your family in a world of mystery, intrigue and heart-racing fun.

  1. Go ice skating.

Nothing will get your family into the Christmas spirit like spending a little time on the ice. Even if your ice skating skills consist of holding on for dear life to the nearest available railing, it’s still a great way for the family to enjoy some fun time together, and get some great exercise to boot.

  1. Go “lightseeing.”

Tons of people decorate their homes with beautiful light displays this time of year, so why not hit the various neighborhoods in your area to check them out? This Christmas-themed sightseeing trip, known by some as “lightseeing,” is a great way to spend time together as a family while witnessing some cool visual displays of creative brilliance.

Not only can you check out the Christmas lights in nearby neighborhoods, but if there are any public light displays at various venues (e.g., parks, farms, etc.), you can pay them a visit as well. It’s really inexpensive, too–all you need is gas in the car and some Christmas tunes on the stereo. Or, if it’s not too cold, bundle up, supply everyone with a travel mug of hot chocolate and hit the road on foot!