The Difficulty of Rooms at Houdini’s Room Escape

September 14, 2015 Blog 0 Comments

One question we get asked a lot at Houdini’s is, “Which room is the easiest?” This isn’t always a simple question to answer because depending on your background, your interests and your personality, certain puzzles or riddles will come easier to you than others.

But, for the sake of an answer, one metric that we can use is the completion rates of our rooms. Currently, The Lab has about a 56% completion rate while Houdini’s Game Room has about a 42% completion rate. Obviously by that metric, The Lab is easier.

So what about our newest room, The Tower? The room gives you an amazing panoramic view of the Tri-State area – a view you normally only get when you are 531 feet off the ground. We designed it that way as a place to bring your out-of-town visitors so they could get a taste of Cincinnati while enjoying the thrill of an escape room. It was never meant as a hardcore puzzle room.

Because of the design goal of the room, and because our existing rooms are pretty challenging, we decided that The Tower would be our easiest room. A room that folks new to escape rooms could try to get a better idea of what the concept is like. A room that you could enjoy and master even if you’ve visited the pub before you got here. A room you could bring your guests to and have a more relaxed time despite the countdown clock.

Of course, not everyone wants that out of a room – so if you want challenge and intensity, we still have the The Lab and Houdini’s Game Room. And the next two rooms in the works will be more in line with the difficulty of The Lab.

This also gives us another opportunity – to make Houdini’s Game Room even more challenging. Yep, you read that right. If we have two upcoming rooms at the same level as The Lab, we think we can turn up the degree of difficulty in Houdini’s Game Room. So, for people who are ready for a real challenge – just wait. You’ll get an even more intense, elaborate problem-solving fix at Houdini’s in the months to come.