Team-Building Activities Your Employees Will Actually Like

October 21, 2015 Blog 0 Comments

In the average workplace, any mention of the phrase “team-building activity” is usually met with eye rolling and reluctant sighs. While team-building activities can be a powerful tool to help boost morale and improve workplace productivity, it’s important to choose activities that are engaging without being off-putting. If you’re ready to discover some fun and effective methods for building camaraderie that don’t involve trust falls or Kleenex, check out this list of team-building activities that your employees will actually like.

  1. Tower of Cards

Split up your employees into groups of 2-5 members each. Give each group a deck of regular playing cards and a pair of scissors. Their job will be to work together to build the tallest tower of cards they can muster using nothing but the cards and scissors they’ve been given. This exercise will help encourage communication and collaborative problem solving skills among team members.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t like hunting for hidden treasures? Divide your team into groups of equal size, and then furnish them with a list of items that they’ll need to locate and retrieve. You can conduct the scavenger hunt in the office building, or take it off-site. To keep things under control, you can set a time limit so that all groups must return within a certain period of time (whether all items were found or not). Try to create clues that will encourage the team to work together in order to locate the objects; the team that retrieves the largest number of objects wins.

  1. Escape Room Experience

This exhilarating team-building exercise is perfect for encouraging communication, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving among employees. In an escape room venue such as Houdini’s Room Escape in Cincinnati, team members are locked in a themed room and given only 60 minutes to figure out how to escape by solving certain riddles/puzzles and discovering various clues. If you have a larger group of employees, you can split them up into different teams, and then set the rules so that the team with the best escape time wins. Or in the case of Houdini’s, take advantage of using all the escape rooms at once.

  1. Paintball or Laser Tag

Depending on the age and ability level of your team, you can bring out the inner action hero in all of your employees by sending them into the paintball battlefield. Just divide your team into two equally sized groups (or as close as you can get to equal), and then charge each team with the task of developing the best strategy to control the opposite team’s stations and territories. Team members will be able to flex their communication, leadership and problem solving skills while having a truckload of fun in the process.

When it comes to choosing team-building activities, sometimes the most effective course of action is to “think outside the cubicle.” Try some of the activities listed above to infuse new life and a greater sense of unity and empowerment into your team.