Out-of-the-Box Ideas for an Unforgettable Party

September 30, 2015 Blog 0 Comments

Who doesn’t love a party? Parties can be a great way for people to loosen up, have fun and celebrate. But so many parties are predictable. If you’re planning a party but you don’t want to go the traditional drinks-food-stand-around-and-chat route, below are four out-of-the-box party ideas you can keep in mind to make your next shindig an unforgettable experience.

1. Themed Costume/Dress-Up Party

When it comes to costume/dress-up parties, the possibilities are truly endless. Not only do these events give your guests a chance to display their creativity, but they can also provide a lot of laughs as well. Here are a handful of suggestions just to get your gears turning:

  • Favorite celebrity: Come dressed as the celebrity you love, or that you just want to make fun of.
  • Cartoon characters: A party that looks like you stumbled into a real-life Disney movie or Looney Tunes reunion is bound to be fun.
  • Cereal box characters: Think Lucky the Leprechaun, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, you get the picture. Give away single-serving cereal boxes as party favors while you’re at it.
  • Favorite occupation or profession: Dress for the job you want, right?
  • Animals: Dress like your favorite creature, real or imagined. Call dibs on the unicorn quick!

2. Casino Party

No one would turn down the opportunity to be a high roller for one day. Go all-out with a casino-themed party, complete with roulette wheel and various card game tables (poker, blackjack, etc.). Use fake money from the dollar store (or Monopoly money) to ease any misgivings; remember, the objective is to have fun. Accent the room with bold casino colors (red, black and gold for example), and have the cake decorated to look like a large poker chip or roulette wheel.

3. Escape Room Experience

Add a healthy dose of fun, adventure and mystery to your next party by inviting your guests to participate in an Escape Room experience. In this unique activity, participants are locked in a themed room, and by working together they must solve a series of riddles or puzzles in order to find clues in the room that will lead to their means of escape–but the kicker is that it must be done in 60 minutes or less! Cincinnati-based Houdini’s Room Escape is a great place for this kind of party. Book a room for your next party so that you and your friends can put your “Sherlock” skills to the test, beat the clock and earn your freedom!

4. Indoor Go Kart Racing

Who doesn’t want to be a race car driver for a day? Indoor go kart racing is a great way to channel your inner Mario Andretti as you compete against your fellow party-goers and shoot for the best fast lap. Tip: If the smell of gas fumes or the jerky throttle and vibration of gas-powered karts is a little too much for you, search for a venue that offers electric karts instead.

As you can see, your party never has to be boring or underwhelming. Keep the above ideas in mind when planning your next birthday party, retirement party, corporate event, etc., and you’ll make it a fun and memorable experience for all of your guests.