Dos and Dont’s of Family Bonding in an Escape Room

October 25, 2017 Blog 0 Comments

Many families struggle for fun, family-friendly activities that appeal to all members of the family. An escape room can fill that need. You only need an hour, so it doesn’t require a huge time commitment. Also, it can provide a good time for multiple generations, too. Great-grandparents can enjoy solving puzzles in an escape room alongside toddlers. Follow these dos and don’ts to get the most out of family bonding in an escape room.

Do Create a Mission Statement for the Adventure

While it may seem silly to create a mission statement for such a short endeavor, it can be fun for your family and help you stay united in a purpose. You can keep it short and sweet. The mission statement can simply state why you are doing the escape room experience and what you all will gain from it. It can also express the core values that you are bringing to the escape experience as a family. You may try something fun like all repeating it in unison at the start of your adventure.

Don’t Let Anyone Get Too Focused on Winning

When a big challenge is in front of you, it can be tempting to get tunnel vision. However, the fun of solving the puzzles of an escape room is the process itself. What matters is the journey the family takes to escape together. If you notice a family member getting too focused on winning and getting to the end of the puzzle, gently remind them of the purpose of the room.

Do Pair Family Members That Aren’t Especially Close

Many businesses choose escape room activities for co-workers because of their teamwork-building potential. It can help people interact with a purpose who might otherwise avoid direct interaction. So, if two siblings tend to fight, encourage them to solve a puzzle together. Knowing that they worked together to help the entire family escape the room can encourage bonding and increase their confidence at the same time.

Don’t Allow Feedback to Be Overly Negative

As you and your family members work to escape the room in an hour, some younger children may get excited. When someone messes up with a puzzle or attempt to escape the room, don’t allow children to be too negative when offering feedback. Remind them of the importance of support and encouragement if they veer towards negativity.

Do Make a Day of It When You Can

Enhance the bonding experience by making a family day out of your outing to the escape room. You may choose to get lunch before or after the activity, then continue the gaming spirit of the adventure by going to the park to play a sport or otherwise enjoy time together. Having a full “family day” can help you build on the positive feelings that are likely to be created in the escape room.

Don’t Rush Things as You Work to Escape the Room

Although the escape room is fun no matter how long it takes, some families may try to rush the solution. There’s no need to do that. Work at a good pace that allows every member of the family to relax and have fun as they are united with the purpose of solving the puzzles and finding solutions that will allow an escape from the room.

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