Corporate Holiday Party Planning Made Easy

November 19, 2015 Blog 0 Comments

Hosting a corporate holiday party is a great way to show appreciation for your company’s employees, and it can serve as an excellent morale booster as well. Bear in mind, however, that you’re going to be catering to a wide variety of personality types, so pulling off a holiday party that the whole staff can enjoy will be more of an art than a science. Below are some fresh ideas to consider to help you create a fun and memorable holiday shindig for your company.

1. You can throw the party on-site at the office, but transform the space by bringing in a caterer to create the ultimate taco or sushi bar. Add some upbeat Christmas music and some coveted door prizes/giveaways into the mix, and you’re in business.

2. Go for a “Christmas Around the World” theme, where you incorporate a variety of food choices from all over the globe. You can set up different food stations to represent different countries, such as a German table that serves bratwurst and sauerkraut, or a Thai station that serves spring rolls and Pad Thai. You can also accent the space with traditional decorations from countries that celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza in their own unique way.

3. Add a healthy dose of fun and humor to your company gathering by hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. This wacky theme will get your employees’ creative gears turning, as they try to “out-ugly” each other in an extravaganza of holiday tackiness. Give out prizes for the top five ugliest sweaters, and send everyone home with ridiculous party favors such as Christmas-themed iron-on patches, or sweater-shaped cookie cutters.

4. For an unforgettable corporate holiday party, take your staff to an escape room experience. In this thrilling interactive challenge, participants must escape a locked and themed room by solving riddles and discovering hidden objects that act as clues to help you find your way to freedom. Not only will your team sharpen their problem-solving and collaboration skills in order to find their way out, but they’ll have a blast while they’re doing it. If you want your holiday gathering to venture a little off the beaten path while still having loads of fun, Houdini’s Room Escape is the perfect Cincinnati escape room venue for your next corporate holiday party.

5. Why not make it a costume party? For example, you can tie the costume theme to a particular decade such as “An 80s Christmas” or “Christmas in the 90s,” and watch people arrive on the scene in their Beat It jackets or parachute pants. What about a superhero theme, a masquerade ball, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” or dressing like your favorite celebrity? The possibilities are truly endless.

6. Music is something that almost everyone shares a common love for, so why not make it a central theme of the party? Break out the karaoke machine and allow your fellow employees to croon their favorite tunes to their heart’s content. Also consider holding a Guitar Hero or Rock Band competition to test your staff members’ skills on the virtual axe.

Nobody wants a heaping dose of boredom for Christmas. Instead of underwhelming your employees with a predictable, run-of-the-mill gathering, use the ideas listed above to infuse life, fun and creativity into your next corporate holiday party.