Boost Your Brain Function With an Escape Room

May 4, 2018 Blog 0 Comments

Imagine yourself locked in an unfamiliar room, facing a time limit, solving puzzles, and searching for clues as you try to locate the key to your release. Escape rooms provide participants with the opportunity to engage in a unique experience. Each escape room at Houdini’s has been carefully designed to transport you and your fellow guests into a world of intrigue and mystery.

Escape rooms are growing in popularity, in part because the benefits of an escape room are much more than just a good time. The types of puzzle-solving and logical thinking skills required to complete an escape room can actually have lasting benefits when it comes to your brain function and brain activity.

Chemical Release

In order to locate the key that will allow you to exit the room, you will need to work together as a group to solve a series of puzzles. The completion of these puzzles can trigger a release of dopamine and testosterone in the brain. These chemicals often flood the brain in order to validate feelings of success and accomplishment.

Dopamine elevates your mood. People who escape from the escape room usually feel elation and exhilaration, the result of increased dopamine levels. Testosterone can actually promote social bonding, allowing you to feel closer to the individuals that you go through your escape room with.

If you are looking for a great way to find happiness and bond with your friends or family, then visit an escape room today.

Stress Reduction

Stress has become a part of daily life for most people. Balancing a full-time job with the demands of a family or social life can be challenging. Chronic stress can be dangerous for your health and lead to the development of a host of medical conditions.

Believe it or not, an escape room can provide you with a simple solution when it comes to reducing stress levels. Science shows that puzzle solving is an effective way to reduce stress. This is because working to solve a puzzle allows you to focus in on a single task.

Multi-tasking places the brain’s frontal lobe under significant stress, so focusing your train of thought on a single topic through an engaging puzzle will allow you to experience a reduction in stress levels.

The human brain is actually designed to spot patterns, and completing puzzles reinforces pattern recognition. Layers of pattern recognition build on one another in the cortex, resulting in the ability to strategize effectively. An increase in strategy has been linked to feelings of greater control, which can also help you reduce your stress levels.

Memory Recall

If you have been feeling a little absentminded recently, then a visit to an escape room could be just what you need to improve your memory recall. Many of the puzzles that are found in an escape room require you to think outside the box.

By flexing your creative and logical thinking skills, you are actually reinforcing the connections between your brain cells. These connections, or neural pathways, play a vital role in memory recall. Participating in an escape room is a fun and productive way to improve your mental acuity and boost your brain function.

When you want to give your brain a workout, visit Houdini’s Room Escape. Our themed rooms can provide you with challenging puzzles that will encourage mood elevation, reduce your stress levels, and improve your memory recall. Our facility has several rooms that you can choose from, and each escape room presents new challenges and puzzles for you to work through and overcome. Give our team a call to schedule your next mental workout session.